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July 6, 2013
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   "(Name)?... Hello?" Antonio waved his hand over your face as you came to.

    "Wha-wha-what?" You fully regained sight again. "Oh hi! Antonio, Romano." You giggled and waved at the two bodies above you.

    "Hola niña! How are you?" They both stood back from the tree you had fell asleep on to give you room.

    "I-I'm good! So how did that meeting go?" You asked as you stood up and brushed the leaves and dirt off your clothes.

    Antonio and Romano looked at each other and frowned for a moment, then Antonio turned toward you and smiled weakly.

    "It was good, (name)!" He forced another smile onto his face and gave a thumbs up. "So..." He ruffled your hair, trying to change the subject. "What did you do while we were gone." 

    "Well..." You thought back. "I read my book for a while..." You thought as you held your tattered book up. "And then I fell asleep over here, because I didn't want to miss you guys coming back." You motioned toward your tree, where you spent most of your time.

    "Oh.." Antonio gave you a sad smile. 

    "It's okay, Antonio. I didn't mean that-" You were cut off by this "manly squeal".

    "(Name), that is so cute! I can't believe that you waited here just to see us! And the way that your scowling at me just makes me think of kids, and when I think of kids I think of Romano when he was younger! I just-" Now he was cut off... by Romano's hand.

    You, being the smart child you were, were set to thinking as Romano wrested Antonio from squeezing your guts out in love. 

    "Romano?" You piped up after Antonio had calmed down.

    "Sì, (name)?" He awkwardly answered. 

    "Why did Antonio say I reminded him of you when you were a kid, when you both look like you were kids at the same time. Unless one of you knows a really good plastic surgeon or something..." You contemplated as you kicked some dist up.

    "No, no, no, (name)!" Antonio jumped up and waved his hands in front of your face in swift motions.

    Romano jumped in front of him and started talking to you in rapid Italian.

    But, considering that this was an American orphanage, and if you had Italian relatives, you wouldn't know, you had absolutely no idea about what he was saying.

    "Whoa now!" You screamed as your back hit the tree trunk, holding your hands up.

    Antonio, at this point, was still jumping around trying to make up excuses. 

    Romano on the other handwas still turning more and more red (That happens a lot, huh?) while slowly calming down with his "Italian Hulk-ness".

    "Okay. Now stop. Nooowwwwwww." You waved your finger in front of their faces, dragging out the last word.
    "Well, what we came back to say was..." Romano stood in front of Antonio, trying to spit the words out.

    "WHAT ROMANO IS TRYING TO SAY IS THAT WE THINK THAT WE WANT TO ADOPT YOU!" Antonio burst out then started giggling hysterically.

    You closed your eyes and titled your head, taking all of this in.

    "Ok, cool. I wanted to get out of here." You smiled and ran in front of him. Because you were a child, and Antonio... is well... taller than you, you only came up to his hip. 

    You slung your arms around him and squeezed tightly.

    Meanwhile, while you and Spain's ass were having an emotional moment, Spain was grinning at Romano and pointing at you hysterically. 

    "Look, Romano! LOOK!" 

    "Yes, I see." Romano shook his head and patted your head, secretly happy that this was happening with this sarcastic, intelligent little girl, and his best friend.

    "All right, you need to tell the headmistress and get everything sorted out!" You dragged both of their hands with all of the force that you could.


    "Yay!" You giggled as the office workers looked at the three of you in surprise.

    You knew in your heart that it would be like this, the three of you together, forever and always.



This was the second part of this series that some people had wanted me to finish. I do kind of want it to stay like this, but I am totally open for a Teen!Reader continuation of it. If anyone wants it.

Thanks for the feedback, and I hope you enjoyed this crappy, short second half.

Part 1:[link]

Part 2: Right hurrrrr.

©~unicornwriter :iconsassyplz:
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ct82010 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconorlyspainplz: :yayromanoplz:
ct82010 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ZoeNotPopular Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SI: *starts laughing* T Toni! *keeps laughing*
Spain: Sí Angel?
SI: *gets down on knees and grabs Spain's waist*
Spain: Chica?! What are you doing?!
SI: I'm having an emotional moment with your ass
Spain: Lovino!
Romano: What the hell do you w- *looks at us* Uh...*blushes* I'll leave you two alone....*walks away*
Spain: I knew it.
DetectiveDucktape Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Meanwhile, while you and Spain's ass were having an emotional moment LOL XD
nyanmeowth Mar 7, 2014  Student Artist
What? Spain's ass is so fabulous it needs hugs!!!!
Lol this was hilarious
And I DO want you to make the sequel PLEASE!
thanks XD
Hetalia-Malta2123 Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Spain's ass and I were meant to be~!
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